Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our God is an Awesome God

Our and awesome God...He heaven above...with wisdom, power, and love...our God is an awesome God.

 These lyrics are playing around in my head as I type, for our God is an awesome God! 

A few moths ago I spied a writing course offered by the Christian Writer's Guild.  After drooling over the possibility of  being assigned my own personal mentor and writing coach, I almost choked over the price.  Nearly $700!  There died that dream.

But the hopes of someday being able to afford such a class never died.  And with the additional income of some recent photography business, I wondered if it may be a possibility after all...

Then the mail came the other day.  Apparently that day I enviously explored the Christian Writer's Guild website, I must have clicked on a box that expressed my interest in the class, for in the mail came a packet of materials advertising that very course.  Great, I thought.  Here's another chance to battle my jealousy.

Instead I found a pleasant surprise!  Either they drastically reduced their prices or I desperately need new glasses, but the advertised cost of the course was now almost $400 less than I remembered.  Jeff immediately turned to me and said, "So...when are you signing up?"

Our God is an awesome God.  You are now looking at (figuratively, of course) an official Guild student - writing coach and all.

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