Sunday, January 1, 2012

Counting from #8 - #14

Continuing the count for the week of Dec 25th - Jan1st:

8.  2 surprise CDs for Christmas: Matt Maher, the love in between and Casting Crowns, Come to the Well.  Can't wait to download them to my iPod and just sit...and know...that He is God.

9.  A FREE, perfect toddler table to outfit our school room.  Perfect!  Did I mention it was perfect?
10.  Success!  Re-organized school room receives flurry of activity from four spunky students.  Mommy got the kid-eye perspective right this time.
11.  The prayer of faithful husband answers long-held hope of faithful wife.  Lead on my dear husband.  Lead on!
12.  A heavenly reminder to just 'BE' in the moment shifts my eyes to the back seat of the car - and sees beautiful 5 yr-old daughter glowing in sun's rays.  BE-autiful!
13.  Pure Grace - my husband's patient, caring attention during a hormone hayride. 
14.  Encouragement from friends known and unknown.  I will keep stepping.  I will keep counting. I will keep going further up and further in.
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