What is Crossing Jordan?

Crossing Jordan is a christian writer's guided tour through her spiritual wilderness...in search of the Promised Land.

Does God still move today? Does he still speak to regular people like you and me? I'm here to shout out a resounding, "YES!!"

Through a simple commitment to read the Bible every day, God spoke to me, a simple Christian Mama of four, about the wilderness we all walk through.

Like the Israelites of old, we have been freed from slavery, and yet we all still think (and act!) like slaves; only we are enslaved to sin instead of a tyrannical ruler in Egypt. We bow down to the idols of our heart instead of calfs of gold. We are still afraid to cross the Jordan River - a raging river of doubts and fears. We still look out at the Promised Land wondering how we'll ever get there. IF we'll ever get there.

This blog is my public statement of faith. Faith that God still moves. Faith that God still speaks. Faith that God will walk me through this wilderness, cross the Jordan River and claim His promises in the Promised Land. I AM Crossing Jordan! Are you?
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